Online Advertising Plan


Scribblers’ Hub is a resource and an online community for writers. For this part of the plan, choosing websites to host online advertising for the website is very important, as my goal is to gain exposure online in a competitive market.
Being a website advertising on other websites brings the need to appeal to visitors of competitors, which can be difficult since Scribblers’ Hub is practically competing with any platform that targets the same users over pageviews (and its own ad revenue in the future).


For the websites part of my online advertising plan, I chose to promote specific features on specific websites, mainly advertising a feature that the host website doesn’t have. This way I would achieve two targets: reaching my target audience on competitive websites, and showcasing a need feature such as the online writing tool, which other sites don’t have.

1­- Buzzfeed books: The content fits what my target audience are looking for, so the odds of reaching them there are high. I would choose to specifically advertise the writing tool feature of Scribblers’ Hub since this feature doesn’t exist on Buzzfeed books (which provides similar content regarding reading and writing), so the audience are more likely to click on the ad to view an additional feature.

Buzzfeed’s audience in this context share some features with Scribblers’ Hub audience as well as some of the general interest and feel of Scribblers’ Hub content; caring about users’ interest in books, writing, reading and anything that has to do with these activities.

2­- Thought Catalogue: Unlike Buzzfeed, this website is a platform for people to share their stories and articles. This is where I’ll advertise both the content of Scribblers’ Hub, to inspire the site’s visitors to read more about writing tips and techniques, as well as the writing features to compete with the site.

Visitors to this site share many features with Scribblers’ Hub target audience, they love writing and sharing, and their main goal is to get better at writing as well as get published, read and receive feedback from other site visitors.

3­- Scribd: Scribd is a subscription­based online library where you can read book and download audiobooks with a monthly subscription. Users can also upload upload documents if they wrote a complete work that they want to share and have other users download.

It’s also one of the leading websites in the online writing category on Alexa, which maximizes the exposure of the ad and thus visits to my website.
I chose this website because writing and reading have always been tied together. There isn’t a writer that doesn’t like to read. Reading is also a big part of Scribblers’ Hub, whether as an online magazine and a content provider or as a platform that targets writers’ life and passion. The ad for this website will direct the user to Scribblers’ Hub content, encouraging visitors to read and get inspired to complete their writing and become a big published writer.


With Scribblers’ Hub being a community itself, it’s very important to appeal to bloggers. There are thousands of blogs by writers about writing, where they regularly publish their works, as a platform where can they get heard, or where they write about the process itself, the hardship and pleasure of being a writer.

In that sense, Scribblers’ Hub can be viewed as a sort of competitor and a friend at the same time. I see it as an opportunity to reach the exact defined target audience where they love to be: other places where they publish their works and talk about writing.

1­- WordPress (blogs about writing and books): Displaying ads on blogs.
Blog readers are likely to be blogging themselves or feel the urge to write something after browsing a blog. Targeting this audience with Scribblers’ Hub ads are appropriate considering their motivation in browsing blogs and the blogs content about writing.

2­- The Creative Penn: It’s a blog helping writers find resources to get published. Thus, it shares the same audience category as my website.
The ads will resonate with anyone trying to know how to publish a book or a story in the market, who’s obviously a writer. That way, it will satisfy my website’s goal of reaching the type of user who loves writing and whose goal is to become a published author.

3­- Positive Writer: which is a great blog because it’s build on the idea of being a resource and pointing visitors to other communities sharing the same goal of inspiring writers. This makes it a great opportunity for Scribblers’ Hub to gain exposure and new subscribers, since this website is highly ranked in visits, and shares the same point of view and audience as Scribblers’ Hub.

Types/Sizes of Advertising Units

1­- Banner ad: 300×250
Since the site’s colors are bright, the last thing the ad should be is distracting or annoying. This size is used in most of my selected sites and blog and is familiar with the users. It will attract their attention with copy and color as shown in the example below without being too in­their­face with a pop up or a big video ad.

2­- Vertical banner: 300×600
For simpler website/blog layout such as Scribd and Positive Writer, a bigger ad size will maximize the ad’s exposure, especially that the copy fits perfectly with what these two sites offer.


Examples of ads copy:
Advertising content: Writing tips to get you inspired everyday.
Advertising the community (sharing aspect): Get feedback from other writers in the community. Advertising the writing tool and publishing opportunities: Write. Get feedback.

Visual examples:
ad1 ad2 ad3 ad4

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