Content Strategy

Scribblers’ Hub is a resource website and community for writers. Thus, it’s based on content, both in the form of website-provided and user-provided. It provides features, articles and listicles that helps writers brainstorm ideas and stimulate inspiration through reading content, sharing ideas and discussions with other writers and finally submitting their own content on the site.

Scribblers’ Hub content plan is to provide conversational content. The website doesn’t lecture or preach with an authoritative voice, but is a friend who understands the passion of writing, does the research for you, and brings you back the best resources to help you.
Content is mainly aesthetic, creative “Buzzfeed-like” content meeting theoretical, educational sources, meeting a community of writers to share and engage with.

Structure Content Sections:

– Lounge: Light, conversational content that is more focused on visuals, humor and shareability.
– Writing Tips: Researched articles and listicles on tips that improve style of writing.
– Videos: Tips in a video format from famous authors.
– Scribblers’ Words: Articles submitted by website users and published on the site after admin approval.

Features sections:

  • About: Information about the site in a light, friendly tone.
  • New Post: Allowing the user to write and submitted content on the site. Content in this section is encouraging with a technical note about copyrights and plagiarism.
  • The Hub: A forum where Scribblers’ Hub users get to talk about writing and share ideas with each other.
  • Weekly Prompt: Giving user an idea they can write about.
  • Contact us: Contact information.

Content calendar

Following important and relevant events on the site and on social media accounts according to set content calendar:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.32.08 AM



Enable the user to learn new writing techniques, stimulate thought, and take action based on the motivation and inspiration the website provides.
Engage the user in interesting relevant content that get the message across in a way that is more interesting than block of text and more dynamic than what competitor sites provide, using visuals, a humorous tone of voice and providing relevant content.

Scribblers’ Hub content goal is to make the user feel understood. Topics shared and published on the site are relevant, empathetic, and useful. It provides both right brain (creative humorous content), and left brain benefits (researched sources for writers, tips from writers).

Interactive Content Strategy

Content Creation:

  • Content curation: researching writing tips sources and compiling articles that helps writers find what they search for.
  • Video resources: YouTube, Vimeo and Ted Talks.
  • User generated content: articles submitted by the site’s users and featured on the site.
  • Content Engagement:

Users are urged to interact with the website through:

  • User-generated content
  • Community (The Hub)
  • Writing prompts

Content Promotion:

1- Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

2- Newsletter: Weekly newsletter with top-performing content sent to subscribed users via MailChimp.

Measuring Performance:

– Social media report (weekly)
– Google Analytics report (weekly)


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