User Persona

Brian is a 26-year-old avid reader, a B.A. graduate with a communication degree, he works as a social media marketer at a pharmaceuticals company, yet his true passion lies in writing stories.

He is a mix between an extrovert and an introvert in how he likes to be by himself when his mind is occupied with an idea or a project, even though he likes to socialize with friends and experience new things.
Brian has a deep interest for stories and different human experiences. he listens to what other people say patiently, yet he isn’t easily influenced by other people’s opinions of his work if he doesn’t agree. He is currently working on a novel he’s planning to finish in three months. This is why he visits regularly; to help him take writing from a hobby to a future profession.

This is how a normal day goes for Brian:

He’s at his desk by 8am with a big cup of coffee scheduling posts and searching the internet for content ideas for the project he is currently working on. He’s a regular user of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, which he specially likes as a focused, concise medium to follow up with his interests: reading, writing, photography, and exercise.

After work, he either gets coffee with a friend or goes to the book club meeting if it’s a Tuesday or a Thursday. Brian finds a break after a long work day particularly inspiring and refreshing to his mind. He goes home and writes whatever comes to mind on his laptop after that, or continue working on his novel.

Brian is a perfectionist by nature, and he worries it shows in his writing. That’s why he is always searching for ways to leave the reins to his instincts in the fictional world instead of his critical mind. Sometimes it takes him time to make a decision especially if it’s on an important matter, yet he is sensitive to other people’s feelings and always tries to see things from their view.

As a part of his job, Brian is used to searching the internet for inspiration. However, he finds it sometimes too distracting. He likes because for him it is a daily source of ideas and perspective, it narrows that search when it comes to writing tips and techniques. His favorite section is the prompts section, where he can get idea-starters for short stories on the nights he doesn’t feel particularly inspired or too tired.

Brian who?

Nickname: CommaMaster90
Favorite color: Brown
Favorite phrase: “Forever sworn to be protectors of wonder”
Favorite place to write: Anywhere where there’s coffee, preferably a quiet one, but not always
Favorite book: Gone with the Wind (Scarlett O’Hara is a masterpiece of a character)
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad
Favorite sport: Running and swimming
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite wardrobe items: Solid grey t-shirts, plaid shirts, blue jeans, and an assortment of hats
Most visited websites: Wired, Medium, The New Yorker, and Twitter

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