Scribblers’ Hub is a regularly-updated website for writers, offering motivational and inspiring content. In addition to writing tips and curated content from the web about the creative process of writing, the website offers a distraction-free writing space, and weekly writing contests and prompts.

Internet users who are interested in writing will find Scribblers’ Hub helpful as a place where they can get inspired, try out writing ideas and share with the community, consequently spending their time positively doing something they like and connecting with other writers.

Currently, websites targeting writers are either outdated, rarely updated or only represent a print form of a magazine, which doesn’t really focus on the interactivity features the internet provides.

Target Audience:

Primary: Young, creative, independent writers who are mainly interested in writing for personal reasons and/or working towards getting published someday. Not necessarily doing it as a profession currently. Age from 18-35 years old.

Secondary: Professional writers looking for ways to improve their writing in a specific field, or looking for ideas to write about. Tertiary: College students interested in creative writing, or taking up writing as a hobby.


The website content will range from serious writing tips articles based on research to videos of authors and writers talking about the process of writing their own content. There will also be the viral list-type of articles touching on other resources and useful products for writers.

Creating such content will be based on research and curation. As well as featuring top content we receive from readers (User-generated content).



Scribblers’ Hub relates to the field of interactive media in how it links content-reading with user interaction. This interaction is provided in user-generated content and contests. It also solves a problem writers face everyday: finding inspiration and motivation to begin writing that first sentence. Searching aimlessly online can be distracting, so a focused, resource hub is needed.

Personally, I chose this project as my graduation capstone as I’m planning to pursue a career in content creation and management, I’m interested in showing that I can manage a publishing brand as well as create the content from start to finish in an area that is relevant to me.

Scribblers’ Hub is an opportunity to show both aspects, since it’s content-heavy and a brand in the making on its own. Creating a working platform and social media presence will be a great experience to go through and come out at the other end with a functioning brand.

Needs assessment

1- Building the website/social media:

Running into technical problems may be inevitable, I’ll need to develop some coding skills in the needed areas in WordPress.

I’m using other classes I’m taking this semester as sources for creating different aspects of the project such as the Digital Brand Communication, SEO, and Visual Aesthetics II.

2- Gathering content:

A very large portion of the project is built on content that is regularly updated and broadcasted through social media. In order to achieve this, alongside creating the website itself, I will depend on original as well as curated content.

This strategy will require a big amount of online research to write and include sources in the articles. This can be different kinds of sources from list-type articles to interviews with authors and publishers. Also technically developing the tool to receive user-generated content through the website.



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